Navigating your way through DagDok

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DagDok is a web guide to UN documentation created by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library at Uppsala University, Sweden. It is designed to help you to find UN documents and reports as well as background information about the major areas of UN activity. 

DagDok introduces you to the organizational structure of the United Nations with its main organs, programmes and funds and specialized agencies. Every web page is divided into three sections: a white section with background text, a yellow section with references and links to documents and publications, and a grey section with relevant indexes and databases.

By clicking the headline Main Subjects you will find a subject guide to the main areas of UN activities with effective search methods for retrieving information.
It explores the wealth of information available through the UN official web pages, linking you to full text sources and special databases, also providing references from the catalogue of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, Uppsala. 

To find information easily, use the following options:

  • Site Map
    an overview of the web site with links to major sections
  • Index
    an A-Z list of subject headings linking to relevant sections
  • Search Engine
    searches the whole web site

To search the content of an individual web page: klick the site, use function Ctrl+F and print search term.

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