Main Bodies of the UN

There are six main bodies of the UN.
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The six main organs established by the Charter are:

All main bodies but the International Court of Justice are located in New York City. The International Court of Justice, which is located in The Hague, has also a separate documentation system.  



  • UN Charter
  • Organization Chart of the UN System (pdf)
  • The United Nations Main Bodies
  • Basic Facts about the United Nations describes the structure and activities of the United Nations and its organisations, and looks at its work under the headings of: international peace and security; economic and social development; human rights; humanitarian action; international law; and decolonization. It also includes details of UN websites, UN member states, past and present peacekeeping operations and UN special observances, as well as giving contact details.
  • FN - globalt uppdrag. Published in 1995 by UNA Sweden och SNS. An updated version was published in 2005.
  • FN. Accessible facts about the UN organization in Swedish.
  • United Nations Handbook - published annually since 1961 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand. This handbook is a clearly ordered guide to the organisations that make up the United Nations, the basis of their structure, their aims and their membership. United Nations Handbook 2015 - 16 is available for free online, as a mobile app and pdf.
  • The UN in Brief is an electronic introduction to the UN system linking you to the main websites of the United Nations.  
  • Repertory of Practice of the United Nations Organs is an analysis of the decisions of the principal organs and their application of the Charter. It is published by the Secretary-General at the request of the General Assembly. Published volumes for the period 1946-1988 and advance versions of forthcoming volumes are available online on the website of the Security Council, where they can be retrieved by year or chapter.  

Databases and Indexes

  • The United Nations web site, section Main bodies serves as a portal to the websites of the six main organs.
  • UNA Sweden website. The section FN.s organisation gives you an introduction to the main bodies of the UN in Swedish.
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