Specialized Agencies

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The Specialized Agencies are autonomous intergovernmental organizations. They are brought into relationship with the United Nations through special agreements concluded by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in accordance with the Charter (art. 57 & 63). They carry out various functions on behalf of the UN and have their own headquarters.


Some of the specialized agencies have been in existence long before the United Nations, whereas others have been established much later:

The specialized agencies are funded by contributions from member states.

Chief Executives Board

The coordination of the specialized agencies towards the UN and among each other is performed by The United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB). The CEB is composed of

The CEB was earlier known as the Administrative Committee of Coordination (ACC).

Joint Inspection Unit

The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) conducts inspections and investigations of
the efficiency of the UN, its programmes, funds and specialized agencies. 

Publishing and depository libraries

The specialized agencies have their own documentation and publishing. They also have their own depository library system, linked to relevant libraries in their member states.


Databases and Indexes

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