Department of Public Information

The Department of Public Information (DPI) is the communications and public relations division of the United Nations. The DPI is responsible for publishing and disseminating UN documents and reports.

DPI Publications

  • Yearbook of the United Nations has been the primary reference work on the organization since 1946. It details the many activities of the United Nations and its organs, programmes and bodies as they are carried out in all corners of the world. The collection includes every volume published since 1946 with a detailed subject index, including bibliographical notes and references.
  • Basic Facts about the United Nations describes the structure and activities of the United Nations and its organisations, and looks at its work under the headings of: international peace and security; economic and social development; human rights; humanitarian action; international law; and decolonization. It also includes details of UN websites, UN member states, past and present peacekeeping operations and UN special observances, as well as providing contact details for the UN.
  • UN Chronicle, published quarterly, gives an overview of UN activities and offers articles and interviews. It highlights certain themes and provides information about ongoing and upcoming meetings and conferences, and contains references to relevant UN documents and reports. It is posted online for recent years at the UN website.

UN News

UN News presents the latest news material from the United Nations.

The UN News' website contains news, multimedia and multilingual information about the UN activities, as well as press releases, reports from press conferences and the daily program of the Secretary-General.